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Troitsk nu-mass

Troitsk nu-mass


The setup is designed to measure the electron antineutrino mass in the tritium beta-decay.

The knowledge of the absolute scale of masses and the number of neutrino mass states is of particular significance both for particle physics and cosmology where the sum of masses of all types of neutrinos determines dynamics of the Universe evolution.

The usage of superconducting magnets al1owed us to develop a new method for studying the tritium beta-decay spectrum.

The unique setup consists of an electrostatic spectrometer with adiabatic magnetic collimation and a windowless gaseous source. lt provides a record luminosity and a high energy resolution.

Many years of measurements resulted in the strongest upper limit to date - the electron antineutrino mass doesn't exceed 2.05 eV at 95% confidence level.

The setup is being upgraded now. It will allow us to improve the obtained result and to start a new project - a search for heavy sterile neutrinos.

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