INR RAS - main facilities

Baksan Neutrino Observatory (BNO)

is situated in the Baksan gorge in the Caucasus

In Comprises

  • Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope (BUST) with a volume of 3OOOcub.m. at a depth of more than 300 m from the surface
  • Ground installation ANDYRCHI for detecting wide atmospheric showers which is located over BUST and covers about 5*104 sq.m
  • A set of ground facilities KOVYOR comprising Large Muon Detector, Scintillation Telescope and Neutron Monitor for studying a rigid component of cosmic rays and wide atmospheric showers
  • Underground laboratory of Gallium-Germanium Neutrino Telescope (GGNT) for solar neutrino detection located as deep in the mountain rock as 3 500 m and having a target made of about 60 tons of metallic gallium
  • Low-background laboratories at a depth of 100, 600 and 4800 mwe (3670 m. from the mountain surface)

The Directions of Research Activities

  • Studies of the internal structure and evolution of the Sun, stars, Galaxy nucleus and other objects of the Universe by detecting their neutrino emission

  • Search for new particles and super-rare processes predicted by up- to-date elementary particle theories at a sensitivity level inaccessible to other methods

  • Research of high energy cosmic rays, gamma astronomy

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