The Institute has a basic chairs «Fundamental interactions and cosmology» in MIPT, «Physics of Elementary Particles and Cosmology» in MSU, teaches students of some faculties of the Moscow State University, collaborates with MEPhI, the Irkutsk and Kabardino- Balkarian Universities. Post-graduate students have their practice in the Institute. There is a Dissertation Board.

For best coordination of continuous training of young specialists at all stages - students, post-graduate students, young scientists - in the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INR RAS) a Scientific and Educational Center was created in 2000. During education in this Center students (sometimes beginning from the first course) have the opportunity to combine the lectures, seminars with their work in various scientific and research departments of INR RAS.

The Head of the Scientific and Educational Center is Academician Victor A. Matveev.

The Scientific and Educational Center is based on such structures as:

  • The Chair "Fundamental interactions and cosmology" of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT), Faculty of Problems of Physics and Power Engineering; The Chief of the Chair is Prof. Maxim Libanov;

  • The Chair of Physics of Elementary Particles and Cosmology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics (Deputy Chief of the Department is Academician Valery A. Rubakov) and Department of Quantum Statistics and Field Theory (MSU).

The Scientific and Educational Center of INR RAS also educates students of some faculties of Lomonosov Moscow State University. On the basis of the Baksan Neutrino Observatory (BNO) of the Institute for Nuclear Research in collaboration with the Southern Federal University (SFedU) a scientific and educational Laboratory of astrophysics of elementary particles has been organized. The Scientific and Educational Center also cooperates with the National Nuclear Research University "MEPhI", Irkutsk State University (ISU) and Kabardino-Balkarian State University (KBSU).

The main areas of the Scientific and Educational Center activities are fundamental and applied research in the fields of top priority; training programs for Specialist's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees; creation of environment for academic mobility of students, faculty and research staff; active cooperation with Russian and foreign research centers and universities, participation in international educational and research programs.

The Chair "Fundamental interactions and cosmology" (based on INR RAS) was founded on Academician Matveev's initiative in 1995; it is situated in Moscow in the premises of the Institute (60-letiya Oktyabrya prospect 7a, Moscow 117312, Russia). Students, bachelors and post-graduate students have their practice in INR RAS. The Chair has the opportunities to prepare high qualified young specialists in the field of theoretical experimental and applied physics in all directions of INR RAS activities, as can be seen from the list of lectures, offered to students in the base training cycle:

  • Principles of particle accelerator physics and technique
  • Introduction to particle physics
  • Principles of experimental particle physics
  • Computer simulation of nuclear physics processes
  • Passage of charged particles and light quanta through the matter
  • Neutron physics
  • Neutrino physics
  • HF electrodynamics
  • Methods of neutrino detection and neutrino astrophysics
  • Quantum field theory
  • Atomic nuclear structure
  • Linear accelerators
  • Experimental nuclear physics
  • Methods of neutron scattering in condensed matter studies
  • Elementary particle physics and cosmology problems
  • Some topics on the quantum field theory
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Physics of radiation effects in solids

In October 2009 MIPT received the rating of a National Research University. Accordingly, the Chair "Fundamental interactions and cosmology" opened an additional enrolment of bachelors for Master's degree students and students for post-graduate study.

The Chair of Physics of Elementary Particles and Cosmology (based the INR RAS) was founded on Academician Matveev's initiative in 2008. Scientific activities of the Chair are connected with the problems arising at the meeting-points of the theory of elementary particles, astrophysics and cosmology. The Chair's core is formed by highly skilled scientists whose theoretical works are appreciated all over the world. The students are oriented to work side by side with the scientists from such research centers as SINP, JINR, LPI, ITEP et al. The Chair effectively collaborates with such foreign scientific organizations as CERN, EPFL (Switzerland), ULB (Belgium), ICRR (Japan), Boston U. (USA).

Post-graduate study. INR RAS teaches post-graduate students and fulfills an enrolment from MIPT, MSU, MEPhI, KBSU, SFedU; there is a Dissertation Board. The main topics for theses include field theory and cosmology, cosmic ray physics, neutrino astrophysics, gravitation, nuclear physics and elementary particle physics, particle accelerator physics and technique. Many other modern trends in science are also taken into consideration.

Besides, our scientists are involved in writing textbooks, tutorials, etc; they work hard to raise the bar of scientific potential of the Scientific and Educational Center. As a result, our graduate and post-graduate students define notably main features and scientific achievements of INR RAS subdivisions, where they are working.

We can say that the staff of the Scientific and Educational Center and INR RAS, in a whole, has created of a new type of educational standards. The main idea is to integrate educational institutions and scientific-educational complex that could respond flexibly to labor market conditions, providing different fields of science and technology with highly skilled specialists.

Graduation of masters, 2016

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