The second Markov readings dedicated to commemoration and scientific legacy of the outstanding Russian scientist and organizer of science
Moisey Alexandrovich Markov

12 – 13 May 2004
Dubna - Moscow
Organizing Committee of the seminar
Co-chairmen: V.G. Kadyshevsky, O.N. Krokhin, V.A. Matveev
Members of the Organizing Committee: V.L. Ginsburg, G.T. Zatsepin, A.A. Komar, V.M. Lobashev, A.A. Logunov, V.A. Rubakov, A.N. Sikasyan, A.N. Skrinsky, A.A. Slavnov, A.N. Tavkhelidze, E.L. Feinberg, D.V. Shirkov.
Scientific Secretary: I.M. Zheleznykh
Address for contacts:
60th Anniversary prospect, 7a, Moscow 117312    tel. (499)135-77-60 fax: (499)135-22-68


12 May 2004, JINR conference-hall (Dubna)

14:00 – 14:15 V.G. Kadyshevsky. Opening of the seminar.
14:15 – 15:00 P.S. Isaev "M.A. Markov and JINR: particle physics "
15:00 – 15:40 V.A. Berezin "M.A. Markov and physics of gravitational interactions "
16:00 – 16:30 D.V. Fursaev "Development of M.A. Markov's ideas in gravitation, cosmology     and particle physics "
16:30 – 17:10 A.A. Bel'kov "CP-violation in kaon decays "
17:10 – 17:40 Yu.G. Kudenko "Rare kaon decays "

13 May 2004, INR conference-hall (60th Anniversary prospect, 7a, Moscow)

14:00 – 14:15 Presentation of diplomas to Markov prize-winners
14:15 – 15:00 V.M. Lobashev "Search for neutrino mass and non-conservation of muon quantum number "
15:00 – 15:40 S.P. Mikheev "Neutrino oscillations "
16:00 – 16:30 L.B. Bezrukov "A new experiment in Gran-Sasso on search for double beta-decay of germanium-76 "
16:30 – 17:00 V.B. Kopeliovich "Pentaquark "
17:00 Congratulation of prize-winners
(Banquet for participants)


Markov prize winners of 2004:

The Academician M.A. Markov prize of 2004 was awarded to two scientists Vladimir Lobashev (Russia) and Ernst Otten (Germany) for great achievements in research of fundamental properties of neutrinos.

Vladimir Lobashev was presented Markov prize diploma at Markov readings which were held this year in Dubna and Moscow on the 12th and 13th of May and dedicated to commemoration and scientific legacy of an outstanding Russian scientist and organizer of science Moisey Alexandrovich Markov (1908-1994) who founded many directions of up-to-date investigations in the field of elementary particle physics, gravitation and cosmology.

The readings were organized by Lebedev Physical Institute, Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), where Markov worked for many years, and arranged for his birthday which is celebrated on the 13th of May.

V.M. Lobashev B.M. Lobashev

On the "Troitsk-nu-mass" set-up created under the supervision of Vladimir Lobashev, where neutrinos are produced in the tritium decay, more and more precise restrictions on the value of neutrino mass have been obtained for the last ten years (now it is less than 2.05 eV/c2).


E.-W. Otten E.-W. Otten

The head of the analogous experiment in Germany Ernst Otten will be presented Markov prize diploma at the meeting of collaboration KATRIN which is to be held this June in Moscow. KATRIN is a new large-scaled project which will make it possible to increase the accuracy of the neutrino mass measurement by an order of magnitude.


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