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The Scientific Council of the Institute for Nuclear Research RAS made a decision to hold the first Markov readings

- the international seminar devoted to commemoration and scientific heritage of Academician Moisey Alexandrovich Markov, an outstanding scientist and organizer of science whose basic ideas in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology have been realized in today's fundamental investigations.
The first Markov readings are to be opened on the 12th of May, 2003.

12 May, 2003
LPI conference hall
(Leninsky prospect, 53)
Opening of the seminar
A.A.Komar "M.A. Markov and LPI"
Yu.Ts. Oganesyan "An island of stability for ultraheavy nuclei"
V.M. Lobashev "The problems of direct measurement of neutrino mass"
V.S. Imshennik and O.G. Ryazhskaya " About interpretation of LSD neutrino signal from SN 1987A with consideration for
collapsar rotation"
V.A. Tsarev "Detection of superhigh-energy cosmic rays by
radiomethod from sputniks ( project "Parus")"
13 May, 2003
INR conference hall (60th Anniversary prospect, 7a)
Presentation of diplomas to Markov prize-winners
Tomas J. Bowles "The necessity of experiments with low-energy solar neutrinos"
V.N. Gavrin "Gallium experiments"
V.A. Kuzmin "Superhigh-energy cosmic rays"
Congratulation of prize-winners.
Banquet for participants.

Organizing Committee:

V.G. Kadyshevsky, O.N. Krokhin, V.A. Matveev
G.T. Zatsepin, V.M. Lobashev, A.A. Logunov, V.A. Rubakov, A.N. Skrinsky,
A.A. Slavnov, A.N. Tavkhelidze, E.L. Feinberg, L.V. Shirkov
Scientific secretary: I.M. Zheleznykh

Address for contacts:

60th Anniversary prospect, 7a, Moscow 117312
tel. (499)135-77-60, (496)751-00-71, (496)751-01-79 ;
fax: (499)135-22-68, (496)751-07-11
Internet: www.


The Scientific Council of the Institute for Nuclear Research RAS unanimously awarded three scientists Markov prize of 2003:
Vladimir Nikolaevich Gavrin, Vadim Alexeevich Kuzmin and Tomas J. Bowles (USA) for tremendous contribution to fundamental physics and development of investigations in the field of the solar neutrino problem. Fundamental contribution to investigations of solar neutrinos:

V.N. Gavrin V.N. Gavrin

the head of Gallium-Germanium Neutrino Telescope (GGNT) project, made a principal contribution to elaboration of the project, construction and many-year successful operation of GGNT, development of technology of extraction of single germanium atoms from many-ton gallium target, methods of background suppression , GGNT gauge by means of the artificial neutrino source, getting of the fundamental result - the value of solar pp-neutrino flux.


V.A. Kuzmin V.A. Kuzmin

put forward the idea to use gallium-germanium reaction for measurement of solar neutrino flux which makes it possible to detect low-energy neutrinos of the solar spectrum which are the main part of neutrino irradiation of the Sun; proposed to gauge GGNT by means of the artificial neutrino source on the basis of chrome; set a task of neutrino spectroscopy of the Sun.


T.J. Bowles T.J. Bowles

the head from American side of the joint Russian- American project SAGE on study of solar neutrinos at GGNT, made a tremendous contribution to arrangement and support of many-year joint scientific researches and getting of the fundamental result - the value of solar pp-neutrino flux.


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