July 29,2009 is the date of the 75-th birthday of academician Vladimir M.Lobashev


Academician Vladimir Lobashev celebrates his 75th anniversary on 29 July. He is well known for his pioneering works on the particle physics, fundamental studies in P and CP violation, discoveries of new effects and methods in neutron and neutrino physics.

He is one of the authors of the method of straight measuring of neutrino mass in beta decay of tritium. On the basis of this method Troitsk-NM facility was created which provided the best world upper bound for neutrino mass. Now Troitsk-NM is under modernization which will make possible to move further in neutrino mass measuring. Nowadays a similar but of larger scale experimental facility KATRIN is being built in Germany.

Under his supervision original decisions have been taken for application of the powerful proton and negative hydrogen ion beams of the Moscow meson fabric linac. His ideas were realized on the basis of the neutron complex, radioisotope complex and rays therapy complex of the Institute for Nuclear Research, RAS.

For his achievements V. Lobashev, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been awarded the Lenin Prize, Pontecorvo Prize (JINR, Dubna), Markov Prize (INR) and other governmental rewards.

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